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It's About Streamlined Management

eStores are ideal for businesses who want to provide branded merchandise to their employees, large businesses with multiple branches under the same brand, or businesses who already have branded products in stock and need to move their inventory. Think of it as an e-commerce store for all your promotional needs!

Company stores are customizable and a convenient online experience that will set you apart from competitors. Plus, you can also reduce costs by setting up a specific budget  on your company store. Whether you order in bulk or ship to multiple locations, a company store provides a seamless order process that can’t be beat. 

Ordering promotional products just got easier!


Custom Design

An eStore theme will be designed to fit your brand. If you have an existing website every effort is made to match the branding, keeping a consistent design online.

Professional graphic designers will provide you with a virtual proof before any online work is done.


Public Access or Secure Logins

There are publicly accessible online stores available for teams, schools and businesses. More secured controlled access is also available via logins used either right on the home page so you cannot see anything without it, or a login at the checkout so anyone can view but only a few are authorized to order.


Gift Certificates

Our Gift Certificate Module can be used on both allows you to assign allowances for employees. They can be assigned yearly or semi-annually and tied right into their logins so it is automatically applied to their order.

Physical Gift Certificates or a spreadsheet of Certificate Numbers can also be used. Gift Certificates can be used on both public and private online stores.

Supervisor Approvals

Perfect for businesses with many branches, our Supervisor Module allows employees' orders to come to a supervisor first. The order needs to be approved or rejected before it is moved on to processing with MARCC Apparel.


Adding a name or choosing a logo in addition to the a logo/decoration that comes standard on an item is called Personalization. If employees must have a name on a uniform shirt this can be a required element to fill in. Add a name or number to team or school swag can be added as optional.

Custom Billing and Shipping Setups

There are many configurations we can set up for billing and shipping. Billing options cover everything from pay deductions, to everything billed to head office, to an allowance per person and a credit card required after that.

Free pick up is available at all 3 of our locations. We can bulk ship to one location, or ship individually to many locations. Our shipping department is ready for anything!

Every eStore Is Different 

Online stores are a flourishing part of MARCC Apparel. There are many moving parts to our eStores and it is important to get things figured out correctly from the start. We have forms and systems in place to make sure we find you the best solutions from our first meeting with you.

Our eStore Team will guide you step by step. Your biggest choice is what items you want to offer on your site. Leave everything else to us!

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